Baby Carrier


This product is small and easy-to-use and fits perfectly your newborn baby up to around 12 months of age.

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Baby Carrier

Bringing your baby with you wherever you go is good for bonding, but sometimes baby carriers and strollers just require too much time and work to assemble. With Baby Carriers  you can effortlessly and literally carry your baby with you wherever you go.

Product description:

Baby Carriers is a small and easy-to-use and perfectly fits your newborn baby up to around 12 months. It fits parents securely and comfortably with only a few adjustments. The breathable carrier is the perfect carrier for any parent on-the-go. With 2 carrying positions, baby can face in or out. You can use facing out when the baby gets a little older and can hold their head and neck unassisted. It is easy and safe to use. The breathable Baby Carriers features good padding. The Baby Carriers is great way to carry your baby in while you go and do some shopping or just going out for a quiet stroll. It is easy to get the baby in and out with unique, adjustable side openings. It’s easy to wear, it’s sturdy, and the adjustable hardware ensures proper strap positioning ideal for weight distribution. High-quality belts ensure that your baby remains safely buckled to you. Carrying Capacity is 3.5-9Kgs (from approximately 3-12 months)

Product specification:

Size (L x W x H cm): 12 x 10 x 2

Weight (kg): 0.3

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